Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The 1934 Wheat Penny

This weekend while going to work out, I found 1 penny in the parking lot.

Then at Schnuck's I found 4 pennies in the CoinStar machine. One of the pennies was a 1934 Wheat Penny. Check it out below!

Total since last post - $0.05
Total for the Race - $267.39


budgets are sexy said...

Yo buddy! Guess what i found yesterday in Miami International Airport?

A COIN!!! And not just any old coin, but a "10 Centavos" silver one from "The Republica de Guatemala"!

Naturally, i thought of your site ;) And according to my wife (wow, scary) i am a big dork. haha...

Bailey said...

I totally disagree with your wife, you are not a dork. You are a change racer at heart!

Congrats on your find!

indebt said...

Wow, nice find on the 1934 coin!

This is my first time on your blog. Just so I get it...you pick up change and keep track in each post, right?

I never pick up change. Hummm, guess it it should be one of my changes to pay off this debt of mine

Wheat Penny said...

Very nice find! I always get excited when I find something unique while sorting through my pocket change each week.