Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Goodbye

Since my last post I have found:
  • 1 dime at Walgreens
  • 2 dimes at STL TSA
  • 1 penny at Schnuck's
This post is written with a heavy heart as it looks like we might be saying good-bye to Brian from Change Quest.

As you might know, when Chris and I first talked about this idea, he had just found the Change Quest blog, and it was after reading and getting hooked on Brian's blog that we decided to blog our race.

I have learned from Brian, read about his child growing up, and come to find him as a Change friend. I know his feelings, as a few months ago, I shut down my blog for a month. I hope that after some time off, Brian will decide to come back and post. If not, Brian, you were a mentor and a friend and your presence will be missed!

Total since last post - $0.31
Total for the Race - $281.22

1 comment:

Brian said...

Thanks, Bailey. Go Phillies!