Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The H3 Rental

Since the my past post I have found:
  • 1 dime & 4 pennies while jogging around apartment complex
  • 1 penny while walking to Schunck's
  • 1 Dollar Bill at work
  • 3 pennies on walk to dry cleaners (At the dry cleaner there was a red Hummer with a Cardinals Vanity License plate "HOF 85". The guy inside didn't look like a baseball player and was wearing a work jump suit. But when I get home and found out that Lou Brock was elected to the Hall of Fame in 85, I figured it might have been him. After talking with Chris, he said that when he met Brock, he looked a tad dirty also. So, I might have met Lou Brock?)
  • 1 Dime while getting gas at BP
  • 5 pennies at Coinstar at Schnuck's
  • 1 quarter at stroller return slot in MOA
  • 1 quarter & 1 penny at bagel shop in Minneapolis
  • 1 dime, 1 nickel & 3 pennies at STL TSA
  • 1 dime & 2 pennies at MSP TSA
  • 1 quarter & 1 dime at STL TSA
  • 1 quarter at MSP Airport
  • 3 pennies at STL Airport
  • 1 Canadian quarter in the arcade at the MSP Airport
  • 1 penny at Steak N' Shake
  • 4 pennies at Panera
  • Finally, the best story. I was at work in Minnesota walking with a client. I found a penny on the ground and mentioned it to the guy as I picked it up. He asked for it, and said that they collect loose change found around the office all year, then buy a pizza at the end of the year with the money. So the first time that I have had a found penny taken away! It does not count toward the totals.
I leave you with a picture of the H3 that I got as a rental car in Minnesota. Kinda fun and different, but honestly not a great drive. Very bad pick-up, very big, hard to park and horrible sight lines.

Total since last post - $2.82
Total for the Race - $284.16


Budgets are Sexy said...

1) AWESOME story about the "pizza" fund!
2) That's good to know about the H3 - it was one of the cars on my list to check out if i ever came across a butt load of money.
3) i looked for you in STL, but you were a little hard to find since i don't know what you look like :) haha...

then i looked for places to hide coins so that i could send you on a scavenger hunt. i figured it would be a fun little adventure, esp. since it would like like you were up to something and could run into the airport police. but, sadly, i was a bit hungover and didn't want my parents thinking that i was more of a loon than i am. so instead, i leave you with a comment of what "could have been".

Anonymous said...

I once found a $100 bill on the grass outside a restaurant around 7 am on a Saturday morning.