Thursday, February 24, 2005

Day 12

This morning it was POURING rain. I wanted to stop to search a gas station on the way to work, but it was just to gray and raining way to much. Luckly I found a dime in the hallway after coming back from lunch, and then I found another quarter near the vending machine where I found quarters yesterday. I need to find the person who has a hole in their pocket!
This weekend Marti and I are going to Louisville for a family event. I'm hoping that the Airports are a good change searching venue, because I'm afraid that with our schedule, the rest of the weekend might not be the best for change finding.

I know that I am posting early today, but tonight Marti are going downtown to see Les Miserables, then we have to pack for our trip, because we fly out early on Friday. I doubt that I will do any serious change searching for the rest of the day, so unless I find anything else and re-post, my next entry will come from the of Louisville.
Late night update, after Les Mis (Great Show, by the way) I found a penny on the street.

Total for the Day - $0.36
Total for the Race - $2.90

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