Thursday, February 17, 2005

Day 5

Well it is amazing how an early change find can really brighten up your day. Walking around work today, I found a quarter right under my feet.
I think that yesterday was just one of those crummy days where you are in a crappy mood all day, and my lack of a change find was just the icing on the cake. But still, after yesterday I really don't want this change race to consume me. So I either need to make sure that I stay positive even on days when I get no change OR go out of my way to make sure that I get a find almost every day. I think that we all know the reasonable answer to that question.
So now that it's official that I'm going to go out of my way to find change, I'm suck with the question of how. I don't want to just start wandering around gas stations and the like. And I also don't want to start buying a candy bar just to give me an excuse to stop at all gas stations. Maybe I can pretend to check my air pressure on the car?

The day is still young, and I am already happy from my quarter find from this morning.

I will re-post this when I finish my day, late tonight, after making sure that all my air pressure is in tip top shape!
Well I found one more dime at work, then I found a penny at the drive-through window at Wendy's. It was rather tough to get, I had to pull up a bit, and when I opened the door, it banged the take-out window, but I can take funny looks from Wendy's employees for the good of the race. Speaking off......I was talking with Chris on the cell-phone and he said that he found $0.69 at a change station in the grocery story. So I stopped at Kroger and checked out the Coinstar machine, but nothing!

Total for the Day - $0.36
Total for the Race - $0.74

Thursday Survivor Update
I may not want to admit this in public, but Marti and I are still big fans of the show. We have watched every episode since Season 1. Since I now have a place to write about it, I figure that I can keep a diary
Not a bad start for the season. Seems to be a good cast, although the first couple of episodes are always kinda touch and go, because you are still getting to know everyone. Some early thoughts;
* I like Angie (The Tatted waitress), and it was a STUPID move for Coby not to pick her for his tribe. No upside, and now it creates an enemy.
* Jolanda deserved to be voted off. You can NEVER get all bossy in day one. Always a recipe for disaster
* I was really getting excited to see both tribes living on the same beach. I though it could have made for some good fights, after challenges, etc.

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