Monday, February 21, 2005

Day 9

On the way to work this morning, I stopped off at a gas station, and found a penny near the vaccum cleaner. When I was about to get back into my truck, I noticed that there was a dime right next to my rear tire. Had I pulled up a few more feet, I would have been parked on it, and it would have stayed lost. This continues my amazing streak of finding dimes. Today's dime makes a grand total of 8 so far in this race!
At a stoplight on the way to work, I was at a stoplight, and I saw a penny in the middle of the lanes. I was about to get out and pick it up, but then the light turned green. It was in a groove, so unless Chris drives by there today with his eyes peeled, I should be able to grab it tomorrow.
On the way out of work, I found a penny, and I found another penny during my afternoon jog around the apartment complex. I was a little worried that I would end the day with $0.13 (unlucky 13), but then just as I was about to take off the headphones and head back to the apartment, I spotted 2 pennies in the parking lot, to bring me to my final total.

Good news, Marti FINALLY got another blog post up. I was starting to think that she was done with her blog, but just when I am about to lose faith, she comes up clutch!

Total for the Day - $0.15
Total for the Race - $1.61

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