Monday, March 14, 2005

Day 30

I hit some drive-thru's today. In fact, I did a bit of an experiment. Chris and I had been talking about if you could hit the same drive-thru's back to back days. We have figured that you have to give car washes about 2-3 days after you hit them, so they can accumulate change again. We weren't sure about drive-thru's. I was able to find a quarter, a dime and some pennies at the same drive-thru strech that I hit yesterday, so it seems that you don't need to give any time for drive-thru's.

At night, Chris and I went to the Houston Rodeo (The caff scramble is awesome!), and then we stayed for the concert - The Steve Miller Band. It was a great concert, although Steve Miller looked like a banker, white shirt and sport coat. It was also fun to watch the teen couple in front of us sucking face for most of the concert. The young boy kept on trying to get to second base, but she wouldn't have any of it. Sorry buddy, maybe you'll have better luck at your next concert!

On the way into the rodeo, I found a penny. I've learned that it is so much nicer to just find a penny like that, then to go looking through drive-thru's. Chris and I talked about this. We figured that it is nesessary now, since we are racing to $100, but we might change (no pun) things up after we both finish the race.
All told, for the day I got 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 2 nickels and 31 pennies. Third straight day hitting the change cycle!

Total for the Day - $1.11
Total for the Race - $10.48
Change Finding Streak - 16 Days

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