Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Day 73

On the way to work, I ran by the KFC and found a dime and a penny. I did not check any of my other change areas after that. I figure that I will give them a chance to collect more change for me.

My sore throat is slowly going away, but has been replaced by a severe stuffy nose. I'm sure if I asked some people here at work, that would ALSO be going around.

Interesting article yesterday on ESPN Page 2, where they made up the All-Time MLB Fat Team. Fun to read, and I loved the title - Squeeze Play. I must say that while they did have some obvious selections on the team (Cecil Fielder, Kevin Mitchell, Babe Ruth) I was surprised that Ray King (RP currently for the Cardinals) was not on the team. As you can see, he is a BIG man.

So I thought, that maybe it was because of his stats, not his girth. In his 6 MLB Seasons (Not counting this year) Mr. King has a 3.08 ERA and 206 Strikeouts in 280 innings pitched (Because he is a middle releif guy, his wins and save numbers really don't matter).
Charlie Kerfeld was on the list, he played 4 seasons for the Houston Astros from 1985 -1990. His career numbers are 4.24 ERA, 155 Strikeouts in 201 innings pitched. Now granted, he was sent to the minors in 1987 because of a weight problem (He weighed in at 275).
Rich "El Guapo" Garces was also on the list, he played from 1990 till 2002, most notably on the Boston Red Sox. His career numbers are 3.74 ERA, 296 Strikeouts in 341 innings pitched, and he probably topped 3 bills in his career.

I'm a bit fan of Garces, so I don't want to see him knocked off the list, but since King's numbers are similar, maybe ALL pounds of Mr. King should be added to this list. Come to think of it, this list is also missing David Wells and John Kruk. Unacceptable!

I would provide a full breakdown of all these positions, but that would prove that I have WAY to much free time on my hands. This only proves that I have a little bit of free time on my hands.

After my first post, I found a penny while taking out the trash.

Total for the Day - $0.12
Total for the Race - $17.65


Chris said...

I certainly hope Randall Simon was on the list. Remember he signed a ball that served as the trophy for our hot dog eating contest? He also attacked a sausage mascot in Malwaukee, showing that all fat men are not jolly.

Bailey said...

We never got him to sign a ball for the hot dog contest. We talked about it, but it never happened.

Chris said...

Yup, your right. We actually had Ray King sign the ball. I still have it.

Bailey said...

Yea but we never had him sign it to the "Hot Dog Champ"
We just had him sign it with his name.

Chris said...

No, I'm looking at it now and he wrote, "Congrats, Best of Luck." Man, he is fat.