Monday, May 16, 2005

Day 93

This morning I had to deposit a check at the bank, and after I accomplished this task, I walked over to Arby’s and picked up a dime. Then as I finished off my drive into work, I found a penny in between lanes at the same stoplight where I have found 13 cents before. I am once again amazed, because it is the only place where I have found coins on the street in-between lanes and not on the median.

Total for the Day - $0.11
Total for the Race - $23.84

Final Survivor Update

Well, although it didn’t pan out the way that I expected, I did correctly pick Tom as the winner. Sorry Brian, you did not make the correct pick, and thus do not win my last non-change find, which was a small pair of toy wire glasses.

Ian just made some AWFUL moves near the end of the game. First, picking Tom in the reward challenge, then his inability to keep his mouth shut after Tom won Immunity. Instead, he blows his cover on his voting off Tom plan. Although I find it so hypocritical that in a game where you have to lie and deceive to get farther, people get so righteous when they catch someone else lying. Tom and Katie just laid into Ian, conveniently forgetting that they had to lie to get as far as they are. Heck, Katie was in on the plot to vote off Tom, but yet there she was laying the wood to Ian. You normally see this kind of stuff with the Jury.

I really think that Ian felt that there was no way he could win the jury vote if he went to the final 2, so in his mind he has already lost. So his decision was a way to win back friendships, and while it looks like he was giving up a million dollars, in his mind he wasn’t giving up anything, because he couldn’t win.

I was a bit surprised at how much the jury seemed to hate Katie. But in the end, Tom was a deserving winner. But Marti and I were VERY dissappointed that they got rid of the Jeff Probst bringing the votes from the island to the soundstage. Come on CBS, that was ALWAYS classic!

I am a little unhappy with the trend this season, of people willing to quit the game, and just being happy with the experience. You had 3 people quit this season, and Coby basically gave up. And when it was over, they seemed happy just to have the Survivor experience. If people aren’t paying cut-throat, it just isn’t the same. When Ian gave up, it just killed some of the drama with the Final 3. Here’s hoping that the trend doesn’t continue.

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Brian said...

I was glad to see Tom win, but I'm still glad I went out on the limb with the contrarian pick.

I thought it was a pretty good episode, but you make some nice points. I thought Coby was out of line with his comments about Tom and I was hoping he would get called on the underhanded move of not picking Angie that first episode. (Did you notice that Tom didn't clap for him?)

I have to say that I was glad Probst didn't fly in with the votes. That is what Liza and I call a glider scene, after a gratuitous glider scene in the remake of the Thomas Crowne Affair. It's essentially a throwaway waste of time, in our opinion.

I'm thinking of trying to enter Survivor...