Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Day 109

If you know what I'm talking about, then I got you. If you don't, it is just to much to explain.

I stopped by Arby's this morning but found nothing, but once again at my lucky intersection, I found a dime. And while at work I found a quarter very close to the same spot I found a quarter yesterday. A weird day where I found silver but no pennies. If I had found 1 penny, I would have made my total a palindrome for the second time this race!

This Saturday while I was doing some work downtown, I left my book there. Assuming that it is still where I left it, I will not be able to pick it up for a week, or maybe even longer. This gives me a good reason to move onto another book. I was about halfway through The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and it was going to be a struggle to finish it. It just didn't grab my attention and at times was VERY hard to follow. Wolfe tried to describe what was going on in people's heads during acid trips. And while it might have been very accurate, it just wasn't good reading.

My new book is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. Bryson is one of my favorite authors and it was his book A Walk in the Woods, which I read during college, which sparked my interest in reading for fun. Since reading that book, I have ALWAYS had a book that I was reading. I have been excited and worried about this book. I am excited because I have read everything else that Bryson has written and in almost all cases, I have enjoyed it. I am worried because the one time that Bryson deviated from his normal travel writing with Native Tongue, about the history of language, it was an extremely tedious and boring read. This book is about the science behind the Big Bang and how we got here. If reading the first few pages are any indication, this should be a fun read.

Total for the Day - $0.35
Total for the Race - $26.61


Chris said...

Ah, Bill B. A Walk in the Woods is actually one of the books that I'm reading right now. It's a great book, but for some reason I can't seem to finish it. I think since I started I've probably finished about four others. Still, hiking the AP is one of my goals in life so I like it a lot. This summer, while going to an Astros game in Arizona I plan on hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Not quite the AP, but a fun goal anyhow.

Ethan the wonderful. said...

plz explain the white rabbit

Bailey said...

It is a game where on the first day of the month you try to tell the other person "White Rabbit" before the other person can. Being creative is appricated. There was someone at work that left some White Rabbit Candies (He found them in a Asian candy store) on my desk.
It is fun because it only happens once a month, and normally you forget.