Thursday, August 04, 2005

Day 173

After my jog today, Marti and I went out to the apartment pool, and I found something pretty amazing. Change at the bottom of the pool. Maybe somebody when swimming with a whole in their pocket? Maybe somebody had a change fight the night before. Either way, I found 2 dimes and 8 pennies at the bottom of the pool. This is my first underwater (puddles don't count) find of the race. And unless I am really losing my mind (more on this in a second), I believe that this is the FIRST underwater find of the race. Knowing the way that Chris does stuff, I'm sure it's only a matter of time till Chris breaks into a underwater vacuum cleaner or something, so I'll enjoy the lead in underwater change, while it lasts.

Today I took my truck in to get it's annual inspection, so I cleaned it up before I took it in. While cleaning it out, I found $30 bucks ($20 bill and $10 bill) between the driver's seat and the middle arm rest. Very weird. I don't remember losing that money, but I've been using cash a bit more in the past few weeks. It is possible that before the circus when I got some cash, it got lost, but I didn't notice, because I had some other bills in my wallet. And since we were paying $9 for cotton candy (Whole OTHER story) I was expecting to be missing a ton of money!

Total for the Day - $0.28
Total for the Race - $40.10

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