Friday, September 30, 2005

Day 230

After work, I met up with Marti and some of her co-workers for some drinks. Cold drinks, good conversation, and next thing I knew it was almost 8:30! And I had NO CHANGE!

On the way home from the bar, I found 1 penny at a car wash, then 1 quarter and 1 penny at Starbucks.

I really wanted to go out and do a bit more searching, but I was really tired and just decided to call it a night.

Total for the Day - $0.27
Total for the Race - $59.00

Totals for September 2005
Total - $11.90 (Highest Monthly Total of the Race)

Quarters - 13
Dimes - 54 (Highest Monthly Total of Dimes)
Nickels - 20 (Highest Monthly Total of Nickels)
Pennies - 225

Change Cycles - 4
Dollar Days - 4
Highest Daily Find - $2.78 (Highest Daily Total of the Race)
Lowest Daily Find - $0.01
Average Daily Total - $0.40

I've decided to no longer provide a picture of the Change Race Jar. It was annoying to move it every month and take pictures of it. So unless there is an outcry from the readers, the next picture will come when I hit $100.

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I Love Lance-A-Lot said...

Damn, no picture? What has the world come to??????

Long time no see, where you been?