Saturday, October 01, 2005

Day 231

This morning I found a dime and a penny in the apartment complex parking lot. My first apartment parking lot find in some time.

While shopping with Marti tonight I found 1 dime at Kroger and 1 penny at Blockbuster while we picked up a movie for the evening.

After we ate and watched the forgettable movie Fever Pitch, I ran our for a quick change run. At the South Starbucks I found 2 pennies, one of which was VERY far away from the drive-thru window and I was lucky to have found it.

At the South Chick-Fil-A I found 2 quarters, 2 dimes and 4 pennies, leaving me a nickel short of the cycle! I did make a few more stops before I headed home, but alas, they came after midnight, so you will have to wait till Sunday for the recap.

I finally finished Sole Influence (actually I finished it about 4 days ago). It was interesting, but noth worthy of 500 pages. The point that shoe companies are bad for youth basketball was made during Chapter 1. Much like how you tune out to someone who chatters your ear off during a plane ride, I did the same thing while finishing off this book.

In my mind, one of the most under-rated movies of the past 10 years was October Sky. I thought it was a well told story, and had an excellent backdrop in the city of Coalwood. I always felt that the movie was very true to the book, even though I have never read it. Well I am about 50 pages in, and so far it is excellent. Let's hope it can keep it up!

Total for the Day - $0.98
Total for the Race - $59.98

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