Friday, December 02, 2005

Day 293

I found 1 penny this morning at Wendy's.

Then after a LONG day at work I stopped off at JR's Car Wash and found 1 quarter and 1 dime.

Total for the Day - $0.36
Total for the Race - $81.86

Survivor Update

(Slow Hand Clapping)
Give it up for CBS! They had been portraying Judd as a nice and funny guy, the lovable teddy bear. Now that it was his episode to get voted off, they had to edit and spin it so it looked like he was a liar and awful guy. Take a bow CBS!

For those of us that have watched Survivor for a while, it is rather transparent when they edit a certain episode so that one person looks like a liar and a bad person. And it is always a solid bet, that when that happens, the bad person is getting voted off. Once I saw all the interviews with Survivors talking about what a liar Judd was, I knew he was a goner. Once again, this was why Johnny Fair-Play turned into such a GREAT survivor villain. He stuck around for about 4 more episodes after the whole “Dead Grandmother” thing, since that wasn’t something that Survivor could edit out. Normally once Survivor turns you into a “Bad Guy” you get clipped in the same episode.

In case you can’t tell, I believe that CBS does a lot of editing which, in turn, effects the way that we perceive the Survivors. Last season Stephanie was a sweetheart, now she is the evil mastermind. Judd is now a liar, but Fishmonger and Raef are truthful. I think, as with most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Marti and I have talked about this every season, but I always believe that once you get the “Spend time with your family” reward, your mind is off the game, and you suffer. If I were on Survivor, I would not want to win that reward. I would try to win my $1,000,000 first, then enjoy time with Marti later. And to make matters worse, not only did Judd win, but he had to make a tough decision on who else got to visit with their family. Ouch!

I like how Raef is saying that Judd can’t be trusted. Wasn’t Judd the one that stuck with the alliance when you flipped on Jamie? Doesn’t that make Judd loyal and Raef the liar? Once again, a counter view that CBS won’t offer to the viewers, so they can feel comfortable that each week the “bad guy” is getting voted off.

Cindy has a twin named Mindy?? Come on parents, that is NOT a cool thing to do to your twin daughters. If I were Mindy, I would go by my middle name, so long as it wasn’t Lindy or Dindy.

Judd’s reaction to the vote was GREAT! I was laughing out loud. Walking away, muttering, “You Skumbags!” Classic!! I even joked during the Febreeze Family Movement that it would be great if his wife just said, “I can’t believe you voted off my Judd, you SKUMBAGS!!”

The jury is now all male. The remaining Survivors are all female + Raef. Why isn’t anyone talking about a possible gender alliance? Since Raef is really on the Pink team, they basically just picked off all the guys. Was I the only one to notice this?

Get ready. The final episode could either be epic, or a bigger let down then the Astros in the World Series. With Jamie, Judd, Bobby Jon and a well spoken Gary, we have an All-Star jury with unlimited potential. I’m afraid that it just can’t live up to the hype, and that the 1 hour reunion show will be a big love-in, when I’m expecting Wrestlemania XXI.

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