Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 200

Today I found a nickel in the hallway while at work. At first I didn't pick it up, because it looked just like a black spot on the ground. Upon further inspection I found that it was a nickel that had been colored with a black marker or Sharpie. Somebody must have been very bored and forgetful to color that nickel then leave it on the ground.

At the 200 day mark, I thought I would pass along some change race stats. During the first 100 days of the race I found $24.63, during the second 100 days of the race I found $22.47. My daily average in the first 100 days was $0.25 per day, while in the second 100 days it has dropped to $0.22.

After 200 days my overall daily average is at $0.24. If this holds true, then I will hit the $100 mark in 220.42 days, or about 7.3 months. This means that right now the projected date is in late March of 2006. Since the change race started on 2-13-05, it would be nice to reach my goal in a year's time.

(Even though my first post was on 2-12-05, that was just the night that Chris and I came up with the Change Race idea. I did not start searching until 2-13-05. Plus, I can't go back and re-number everything now. It is my blog, and my race, and I am alright with it, so you will have to respect it and be alright with it also! Think of 2-12 as the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics and 2-13 as the start of the Olympics.)

So if I want to reach my goal of $100 in under a year, I have 165 more days to find $52.90. To accomplish this, I must increase my daily average to $0.32 for the next 165 days. We shall see.

Total for the Day - $0.05
Total for the Race - $47.10


Totals for August 2005
Total - $8.38

Quarters - 10
Dimes - 34 (Highest Monthly total so far)
Nickels - 16
Pennies - 168

Change Cycles - 4
Dollar Days - 3
Highest Daily Find - $1.38
Lowest Daily Find - $0.00
Average Daily Total - $0.27


Chris said...

Nice breakdown on the stats. Also nice to see that I was not the only one hit with very random anonymous spam today. I got rid of mine already.

brent d. said...

How do you go about finding change? I'm just amazed because it would literally take years to find $100 laying around in Nashville cause I never see change. You've inspired me to start looking though! Also, do you pass over pennies if they are "tails up"... ya'know... since that is suppose to be bad luck? =)

Bailey said...

Brent D,

Thanks for stopping by.

First off to answer your question, we do not pass over ANY coins, tails up or heads up. It is not about luck, but rather about the race.

As for finding change, it is all about going to the places where the change is most likley to be.

Best of luck as you start looking for change. Keep me updated on your finds!

lpkitten said...

gosh, you would think they would be more careful with their nickel if they took all the time to color it up with a sharpie. :)