Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Homecoming Game

A weak week in change finding, as I only found 4 pennies. The first part of the week, I was in Lake Ozark for a conference. Then on Wednesday, I drove over to Bloomington to visit family. On Friday, Marti came over, so we could enjoy the IU Homecoming weekend for the first time as Alumni. Marti's sister and brother in-law also came to enjoy the weekend with us.

What was most amazing, was that we actually won the football game, kicking the shit out of Michigan State 46-21. Considering our football team went 0-12 my Freshman year and hasn't gone to a bowl since 1993, it was pretty amazing. We are now 4th in the Big Ten. In 2 weeks Michigan comes to Bloomington. I thought about going back for the game, but like a smart gambler, I am going to take my money and walk out. Going to a second game, hoping for a win, would be pressing my luck!!

Total for the Week - $0.04
Total for the Race - $199.28

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