Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Slow Week

I really have NOTHING to report from this week. I found 1 dime and 3 pennies, but none were finds that were worthy of remembering.

I went to Iowa for work for 2 days, and sadly, that was the big excietment for the week.

On Saturday Marti and I went to our first event with the IU Alumni Club of St. Louis. We watched with other Hoosiers as we got our ass kicked by Michigan in football. It was a good time, and we plan to go to more events with them. Next week, we are having a watch party with the Purdue Alumni Club for the IU vs Purdue game.

Total for the Week - $0.13
Total for the Race - $201.09


Mrs. Krabs said...

I watched that very game while chomping on some wings at this place ironically called "Planet Wings". Mannn it was cruel watching Michigan score so frequently... but I must say that I am quite fond of watching college football with hubby now!

Bailey said...

Planet Wings? Sounds like a wonderful place!

Happy to hear that you are getting into college football. Sadly that IU game wasn't one of the best way to get into the game.

This weekend the Michigan vs OSU game should be a great one to watch.

Now, we need to get you watching College Basketball! Then we can have you watch IU games!