Monday, January 08, 2007

The Lambert Token

This weekend I drove back to Indiana for the IU vs MSU basketball game. The game time was moved back to 4:30 on Sunday afternoon, so Marti couldn't make it. I made the drive by myself on Saturday, and met with my brother in-law for the game on Sunday.

Since there was no Marti, I was free to make some change stops along the way. My first stop was in Vandalia, Illinois. It is the second (and only) landmark while driving across Illinois on I-70 (The other is the big cross). The Travelodge has a mini-arch.

I made a few finds in Vandalia, but the majority of my finds were at 3 car washes in Indiana. All in all, I found 1 Quarter, 5 Dimes and 12 Pennies.

Today, back in St. Louis, I found 6 pennies and 1 token in the Coinstar machine at Schnucks. The token is pictured below, but I have no idea what it is for. I think it was for something at the airport, but I do not know what takes tokens at the airport. I am going to hang onto it for a bit, until I can find out what it is/was for.

Total since last post - $0.93
Total for the Race - $210.30


Brian said...

That is a sweet token.

Along the lines of your airport theory re the token: My guess would either be that it's for a luggage cart of some sort, or perhaps a locker, which can sometimes be found in the lounges.

nhcardhunter said...

I think Brian might be on to something. Looks like you've been in the token finding zone lately. I always enjoy finding those types of things.


Bailey said...

Brian -

I'm glad you liked the token, I thought it was pretty cool also. You might be right about the locker. I will check and see if I can find any of them around.

nhcardhunter -

I really have been in the token zone. They are always fun to find, because they always have great details and are so very random!