Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Southwest Flight Home

I found 1 dime and 3 pennies in the apartment complex parking lot as I went to go work-out. I also found 1 quarter in the washing stall at a car wash. (These were all Feb finds)

The end of the week, I was in Chicago for business. Sadly, on Friday my flight back to STL was cancelled due to weather. Luckly I was able to book a flight on Southwest, and I got out of Chicago at 2 pm, because I was able to go standy-by and get on an eariler flight. The flight that American had re-booked me on ended up being dealyed for 3 hours and arrived in STL at 11:45 pm. Thank you Southwest!

In Chicago I met up with an old High School/College buddy, who is now a lawyer. We went out to dinner, then for a drink at a bar called Rocket. I found a quarter on the floor at Rocket.

At Midway Airport I found 1 nickel and 6 pennies. I also spotted a quarter UNDER the X-Ray machine, but due to it's placement, I might have been arrested had I tried to go for it, so I had to leave it.

Total since last post - $0.74
Total for the Race - $218.38


Totals for February 2007

Total - $3.28

Dollar Bills - 0
Quarters - 6
Dimes - 9
Nickels - 5
Pennies - 63

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