Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Philly Cheesesteak

On the way back from Philadelphia, I found 2 dimes and 1 nickel while going through TSA at the airport. I also had one of the best Philly Cheesesteak I've ever had at the airport.

Later in the week I had to go to Lake Ozarks, Missouri for a conference. On the way there, I stopped at a Subway for lunch, and I found 1 quarter and 1 penny near the check-out counter. On the way back, I stopped at the same Subway, and found 3 pennies! I might need to frequent this Subway more often, even if it is 100 miles from home.

Finally back in St. Louis for a while, I was able to hit my old digs. I found 1 dime and 3 pennies at the Scrubby Duck (Thankfully, we are getting back into car washing weather!), and 1 dime and 4 pennies at McDonald's.

On This Day in the Change Race
I pulled a great April Fool's on Chris, which he totally bought. I told him that I found a roll of quarters near a bank machine. We argued for hours that night about whether the find should count or not, and he was adamant that it should not count. (Even though it never happened, I still disagree with him. It is a much more valid find than when he really did break into vacuum cleaners to take the change. But that is a WHOLE other story.) Read more in Day 48 Part 1 & Day 48 Part 2.

Total since last post - $0.81
Total for the Race - $220.78


Totals for March 2007

Total - $2.76

Dollar Bills - 0
Quarters - 4
Dimes - 12
Nickels - 2
Pennies - 46


Chris said...

The joke was good, but your logic is just wrong, wrong, wrong. And all this after I did some wonderful research for you on my blog on this April 1st!

Password: pqjawplb
Second Attempt: qcflqq

nhcardhunter said...

Bailey, that was a good one! Sounds like he took it hook, line and sinker. However, if you had found a roll of quarters I see no reason why it wouldn't count. It is lost money and you didn't steal it. As far as Chris opening up a vacuum machine and trying to put a positive spin on it, I say, nice try, Chris, but that doesn't count. If he's going to do that he might as well take pennies from the "take one, leave one dish" you see at all the stores, or, just take money from a vending machine or cash register if it happened to be unlocked or closed. Come on now.



Bailey said...


I TOTALLY agree with you. But while Chris and I love to argue, this is one topic that we have to let die.

We both think our sides are correct, and neither of us can really understand the other side. So it makes for some un-fun arguing!

Needless to say, if Chris would just admit that he was wrong, it wouldn't be a problem! :-)

lpkitten said...

please don't talk of food, i would kill for a philly cheesesteak. and i still haven't found any Thai baht lying around in the streets, although i did find a one baht coin and then my student said it was i had to give it back. so close!

Bailey said...

lpkitten -

Good to have you back! Sorry to be talking about American comfort food. I guess I shouldn't mention the CC Cookies my wife made last week!

So close to finding a Thai coin! I have to imagine that with all the hussle and bussle you talk about on the street, that there are not any coins around. I refuse to let you leave Thailand, untill you have found at least one coin! :-)