Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Trip to Thunder

This week I found 1 quarter, 1 dime and 6 pennies. They were found throughout St. Louis. Some were found at the Cardinals game I went to on Thursday (A day game, great reason to take off work for the day), others were found at Schnuck's.

Last weekend Marti and I went to Louisville to visit my Aunt/Uncle and to go see Thunder over Louisville. It is the kick-off celebration for the Kentucky Derby. They have an Airshow then a fireworks show all over the Ohio River. Normally they draw about 800,000 people, and the Fireworks show is normally the largest in the world each year.
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

The Kentucky National Guard had some equipment there for people to check out. The big hit was the tank. One of my side hobbies is amateur photography, so this is one of my "style" photos. Not great, but it was tough, because there were a TON of people around, and I normally like to take pictures without people in them. I liked this shot, because it is not often you see a tank turret in an urban United States area.

I can't explain why I was excited to see this, but it is the refueling plan. You can see the refueling boom hanging from the far wing.

Airshow fun.This chopper got up close and personal. We were on a boat for the day (So we had a GREAT view), but this chopper actually got close enough to spray us with water!

Another artistic picture. A steamboat heading into the sunset. I was happy with the way this picture turned out.

I liked this picture, but I wish I had the planes in it.

I was prepared this time, but I wish I had the sunset of the other pictures. Although I do like the line that the bridge provided.

I tried taking a few pictures of the fireworks, but most did not come out. This one was the "money shot" You can see the fireworks in the air and off the bridge. There is also more fireworks to the left (out of the picture). Like I said, it was a big show! Over 30 minutes of fireworks!

On of the final effects is a fireworks waterfall off the bridge. They do it from both sides, and it creates a TON of smoke which was blowing down river this year. It is very cool to see in person, this picture does not do it justice.

Total since last post - $0.41
Total for the Race - $222.04


Chris said...

Very solid fireworks shot. It's no Friday Night Fireworks at MM Park, but that was nice.

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Becca:) said...

I enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

AndyfromSimi said...

Cool Post! Grea Pics!