Monday, October 22, 2007

The Homecoming $20 Bill

Last week on my way to Des Moines, I found 1 dime and 9 pennies at the St. Louis Airport TSA Check-Point.

This weekend Marti and I went back to Bloomington for IU Homecoming. Sadly, our football team did not do as well as last year! But I did much better in the change searching. I found 2 pennies outside Pizza Express on Sunday afternoon. But the big find came on Sunday morning. We were in the IU Varsity Shop, as my Sister In-Law was looking for a new IU Sweatshirt. I was wondering around, and I found a $20 bill near the bottom of rack of shirts! (The actual bill is pictured below) This is the first time that I have found a $20 since the race started. A great way to end the weekend!

Total since last post - $20.21
Total for the Race - $256.29


Brian said...

Now that's a welcome-back post!

Kudos on the double-sawbuck. Noah found one recently, too!

Bailey said...

Nothing like a $20 to get you back into change searching!

I read about Noah's find, that is AWESOME! I was going to comment, but I was a couple days late, and wasn't sure if you would see it. So congrats to him!

Becca:) said...

Nice $20 find! That rocks! I found $1 today in my classroom at the end of the day - nothing like your big find, but a nice classroom find (anything above that I would expect someone to come looking for it)

Chris said...

Oh, that's where my $20 went. I can identify it (it is indeed the one you have pictured) so I will kindly ask that you mail it back to me (in $20 form, NOT in pennies).