Saturday, November 10, 2007

The November Post

Wow! You look up, and suddenly it has been weeks since your last post. It must be something in the fall air, because it was around the same time last year that I had a lack of interest in the blog, and decided to shake things up.

Here are my finds since my last posting. 1 penny at Blockbuster, 2 dimes and 4 pennies on the ground at Super Park which is where I park at the St. Louis Airport, and finally 4 Pennies at MSP TSA.

Now onto to the topic at hand, I do not believe that I am going to continue to monthly updates, and I am even considering no longer keeping track of my finds offline. What I mean by this, is that I currently have an Excel sheet where I keep track of all my finds. It used to be very interesting to see all the trends in number of coins found, etc. But now it just seems to be tedious and more work, and is part of the reason I put off blogging, just because I don't want to mess with putting in totals in my Excel sheet. I have already stopped keeping track of daily finds in the Excel sheet, and gone to monthly. But I am starting to think that I should just stop it all together and just keep the running total here on the blog. I just can't pull the trigger. Any thoughts from the readers? If I get no comments, I'll assume that everyone cares less than I do!

Total since last post - $0.29
Total for the Race - $256.58


Brian said...

I believe I've emailed you my thoughts on this, but in short, if it's no longer fun or seems like work, it's probably time to step away. If you miss it, you can always pick it up again.

Either way, I hope we'll stay in touch... and maybe meet up at Phillies-Mets in NLCS...

Bailey said...


Thanks for your comments. I actually didn't mean that I was going to stop the blog, even though it has been a bit less interesting in the last few months.

I was talking more about my back-end record keeping.

Also, sorry to hear about the bad comments you got a while back. Keep the faith!

As for the, my Mets need to make the playoffs first! :-)

Becca:) said...

I think excel is fabulous (but then again I am a math teacher). However, it is easy to just keep track of your finds on the blog too. I figure whatever works for you is the best plan. However, if it were me - I would find it easier to keep running totals in excel especially if I was not going to post every time I found change. Whatever you decide, though, it seems that you want a plan that will allow you to easily record all your finds.