Friday, January 18, 2008

The Barn

During this trip to Minnesota, I was able to schedule my work around an IU basketball game at Williams Arena "The Barn". Since I am an IU Basketball season ticket holder, I am able to get tickets to road games if they are available. The tickets I got were in the LAST row, but thankfully, they were still good seats, and I was in a group of IU fans. I was also happy to find 3 Dollar Bills near the concession stand, no doubt dropped by a Minnesota fan. So I come to their stadium, watch my team win, and leave with an extra $3. A good trip! Here is a short video from a great defensive stand by IU near the end of the game.

Back in St. Louis, I found 1 quarter at McDonald's, and 2 pennies at Schnuck's, one of which was a 1944 Wheat Penny!

Total since last post - $3.27
Total for the Race - $263.60

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