Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Second Window

Since my last point I have found 2 pennies on two seperate trips to Schnucks.

Last weekend Marti and I drove back to Indiana to watch the IU vs Illinois basketball game. IU won, and Eric Gordon continued to amaze! We don't normally eat much fast food, but we got home late on Sunday night, and decided to hit the McDonald's drive-thru (I also don't normally like to hit the drive-thru, I like to go inside, makes me feel less lazy. But this night I was so tired, I went against my own beliefs). Since it was late, they asked us to drive up to the second window to pay and pick up our order. This allowed me to stop at the first window and pick up 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 2 nickels and 8 pennies!

This week I spent most of the week in Minnesota for work. I was craving some suger on Tuesday night, and found a Krispy Kreme right next to the hotel. Thankfully they were open late, and thankfully they don't seem to check their drive-thru window much, as I found 1 quarter, 3 dimes, 2 nickels and 2 pennies. Some of them were VERY dirty, which made me believe that they had been there for quite some time.

In two weeks I get to go to London, England for business as my company is having an International Sales Meeting. For our awards dinner, the attire is a suit. I have a suit, but I have not had to wear it for years. When I tried it on a few days ago, I was happy to see that it still fit after all these years, but that I also found a quarter in the pocket. Sadly, this does not count toward the totals!

Finally, I will leave you with another photograph from our trip to Paris. I consider myself a bit of an amateur photographer, and I was rather proud of this picture. Enjoy!

Total since last post - $1.67
Total for the Race - $260.33


Becca:) said...

The pict is awesome and your drive thru finds are quality!

Bailey said...


Thanks. I was very happy with the way that the picture turned out.

Yes, my finds lately have been pretty good. Had a good streak of change luck. I made an even better find tonight. More details in the next update. Coming soon!

I Love Lance-A-Lot said...

Hey Bailey!

It's been a LONG time! HOpe all is well. Love the picture of the Eifel Tower. How's St. Louis?