Monday, March 10, 2008

The Scrubby Duck Purchase?

Whoa! So SORRY for the long time between posts! Not quite sure what happened. I have still been keeping track. Here are my finds since my last post;
  • 1 penny at Schnuck's
  • 1 quarter & 1 dime at a Chick-Fil-A in Tampa Bay (It was so nice to search the Chick-Fil-A again. Like seeing an old friend)
  • 1 dime at Tampa Airport
  • 1 penny at Apartment complex office
  • 2 pennies at Schunck's
  • 1 nickel and 7 pennies - I lost track of where I found them

Now onto the big question of the day. Some of you might remember the Scrubby Duck, the car wash place about a mile from our townhouse. Well, I noticed yesterday that it is up for sale. Should I buy it? Thoughts?

Total since last post - $0.61
Total for the Race - $265.32


lpkitten said...

that would be cool! proud owner of a car wash! :) too bad you can't save up all your change and buy it with that!

change is a good thing said...

Absolutely you should buy it! :) Think of how much extra change you could find on your own property! How cool!

budgets are sexy said...

OMG your site is hilarious! and nice and simple too actually, which is a great change from some of the other sites ive been checking out.

anyways, awesome site dude. i might have to give you a shout out on mine soon cuz it's freakin' hilarious!

find a half-dollar for me will ya? (lazy pools @ amusement parks are the best for that.)

Bailey said...

lpkitten - It would be awesome if I could buy it with the change that I found. I would need to have found more bills, or done a bit better with my $100 in lottery tickets!

Change is a good thing - I'm happy to hear that you also like the idea of buying the Scrubby Duck. Although, if it was my own property, could I count the found change? I think so...but it comes close to finding change in my couch, which doesn't count.

Budgets are sexy - Welcome. And what a great first comment, telling me how funny I am! Great first step! (I am happy that you checked it out and enjoyed it) So I'm interested, why are lazy pools good for half-dollars?

Anonymous said...

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