Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pre-Tip

First off, thanks to all the comments on the last post. In case you didn't hear, the NPR story that I teased a few weeks back, finally aired last week. I will post the whole story here in a few days. But I am just been super busy with work, and haven't had time to reply back to the comments, but believe me, I have not gone big time! :-)

I had to travel to Milwaukee last week, and at their TSA I found an amazing 1 dime and 7 pennies! Back in St. Louis I found 1 penny, outside of Walgreen's. And this week in MSP, I found 1 penny at REI (Store where I was looking for a new coat, that I didn't need and thus, didn't get) and 1 penny at a gas station.

I was so happy with my finds at the Milwaukee TSA that I ALMOST walked back around, and went through it again so I could hit the second TSA line. I figured that maybe they also had the same amount of change lying around. I decided not to. Even though I have the TSA process down to a science, it is still a hassle. I did take a picture
for everyone, even though it is probably illegal to take pictures of a TSA station.

Finally, I have been doing a social experiment and I wanted to let you know about it. I park at The Parking Spot 2 at the STL Airport, and they use the shuttles to take you from the parking lot to the aiport and back. I like to tip the driver a buck each time. But one of my things in life, is I think we should tip BEFORE we get the service. After the service is done, it isn't going to get any better. Why not tip BEFORE dinner, the thinking being you are probably going to get a bit better service. Make your tip worthwhile.

So the last 4-5 times I get picked up at the airport by the shuttle, I had the driver my car ticket and a dollar. I was curious to see if I would get dropped off first because I tipped the guy, and so many other people don't. What do you think has happened?

Results will be posted next time.

Total since last post - $0.20
Total for the Race - $275.55


change is a good thing said...

What an interesting idea!! I'm curious to hear how this works for you. I certainly hope the driver drops you off first. :)

Budgets are Sexy. said...

Dude, you are not kidding that is an ExCELLENT idea!!!! wow, seriously you are a genius.

i will be trying it myself, and also posting (and linking back) on it too :) good work my man...you're always thinking.

btw, i'll be at the STL airport October 4th and 6th. i'm planning on littering it with coins and dollars ;) haha...

Bailey said...

Well, I am about to post my results, and I may not be as much of a genius as I thought.

As for your visit to the airport. To bad I am not traveling that day, or else we could have met up. But I would love if you left some quarters there for me! :-)