Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Day 80

I stopped off at JR’s Car Wash on the way to work and found 1 penny. Oddly there was a guy in a suit washing his BMW. Normally you don’t see people using the self-serve car wash before work, and you rarely see people in full suits using them.

While at the same red light where I have found pennies before (Day 11 & Day 38), I found a dime. Once again, it was between lanes, right on the white line. I will once again point out that this is just a very odd place for change to be found. Normally you find coins on the edge of the road not in-between lanes, but this spot proves me wrong with 3 separate finds!

Onto the website, which has the Marti stamp of approval. I showed her this website last night, and she spent about 2 hours just reading through it, laughing and reading stuff out loud to me. The plan backfired, because she was so busy with the website, that I got stuck with dinner making duty. Honestly, it was a rookie move on my part to show it to her in the critical time before dinner has been made. In our apartment, the hour before dinner is made, is like being in a dugout when your pitcher is throwing a no-hitter. You just try not to talk about it, don’t make any big movements and hope the other person makes their way toward the kitchen. Last night, I was totally the rookie pulling the “Whipped Cream Pie-in-the-face” gag during the 7th inning of a perfect game. I should have known better.

ANYWAY, on to the website. Before a band or performer goes on the road, they send out a contract rider, which tells the specifications on transportation, billing, sound, stage set-up, and most importantly a wish list by the artist for accommodations, food and extras. Well The Smoking Gun (A great website for stuff like this, they have a great collection of celebrity mug shots) has listed 198 contract riders from various bands and acts. Did you know that Pavorotti requires no distinct smells around him? Did you know that Snoop Doggy Dog refuses to have Fluorescent lights in his dressing room, and MUST have a rented Playstation 2, with the current version of Madden and 4 controllers? Did you know that ON STAGE Hootie & The Blowfish require a cooler with a fifth of Jim Beam, 6 pack of Coke, 10 bottle of Budweiser and 6 bottles of Pale Ale. Did you know that when promoting your show of The Wallflowers you can NOT reference the fact that Jakob Dylan is Bob Dylan’s son? Did you know that Jennifer Lopez requires her dressing room to be a white room with white flowers, white drapes, white candles and white couches. But she does want yellow roses with red trim. One of my personal favorites is 50 cent, who requires, among other things – 24 piece bucket of KFC, 24 shrimp cocktails (MUST BE ON ICE), 12 cobs of corn, 3 bottles of Cristal Champagne and 2 boxes of Rough Rider condoms!

Total for the Day - $0.11
Total for the Race - $19.67


Brian said...

I think you just like 50 cent because of the name recognition.

Bailey said...

The name doesn't hurt.
Plus, 50 cents is a nice find.
Except for Chris, for him 50 cents is just a warm-up for a 3 dollar day!

Ethan the wonderful. said...

also Kristal is spelled with a "K"