Friday, February 17, 2006

Day 370

Two days ago, I found a penny at my lucky stoplight, but the light turned green before I could pick it up. I wasn't to concerned as I knew that I would have many more chances to pick it up. Today, I pulled up the stoplight just as it was turning red, giving me enough time to save this penny from more scratching and pain.

I also found 1 penny in the parking lot at work.

Total for the Day - $0.02
Total for the Race - $104.88

Survivor Update

I totally agree with Brian that Shane is very annoying and grating on the nerves. But he does bring one thing to the table. During the reward challenges, when Probst pulls the sheet off the prize, he always has a "God I hope it is a carton of Marlboro Reds" face on.

I like Bruce, and even though it was good strategy for La Mina to send him back to Exisle Island, that was pretty mean to do. Although, now that he has been there twice there might be a good chance that he has the hidden immunity idol.

Marti and I now rooting for separate tribes. Marti is always rooting for La Mina and her boy Austin, while I am now a fan of Casaya and my girl Danielle (Who is now on the "Posing for Playboy" clock. I'm starting the odds at 5-1). There is now some serious smack talk between us during episodes. Marti mentioning how hot and smart Austin is. Me talking about how hot Danielle is and how big her tits are. Marti asking me to get a John Deere hat like Austin, me telling Marti to get a boob-job like Danielle. Marti was even saying, "Come on La Mina!" during challenges. She NEVER learns tribe names 3 episodes into a season. Good times all around.

I remember that during the All-Stars Season, there was a big deal with physical contact during the challenges. I remember that Probst said that contestants couldn't make contact during challenges, or something along those lines. Well, after last night's immunity challenge, I guess that is all out the window. During all the wresting, all Probst said was a half-hearted "Guys, stop the choking and kicking", he might as well been a sub in High School PE. I really think that CBS is trying to make-up challenges that will get people pissed and get people's clothes ripped off. All we needed was some baby oil, and that challenge could have been on Cinemax at 11:35 pm.

Smart move by Terry to leave Ruth Marie and vote off Misty. It leaves Sally as a sitting duck, and with Ruth Marie, gives him and Dan the power over the younger guys in La Mina. Could it be the first step toward the end of Austin??


Marti said...

You don't know what you're talking about. The end of Austin? I think you're jealous because he's good looking, intelligent, sensitive, and good looking. And Danielle JUST has big boobs.

BTW, do you have a John Deere hat yet, Austin? I mean, Bailey?

Scottage said...

OK, I really liked Misty, and hated to see her go. And she would be better in a playboy spread. But I totally agree that Shane is the most annoying member of survivor ever. And I'm sure Austin will be gone soon enough; people like him never last (save Colby).