Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 413

Happy April Fool's Day. Once again, I went through the day without being fooled. Three years in a row. I wish I could say the same for Chris, but we will get to that later.

(I fooled Marti, by telling her that Kelvin Sampson resigned as Head Coach of IU, due to pressure from Alumni. I'm happy because this is now the 4th time I have gotten her with an IU Head Coach April Fool's. I even got her with a "Knight got fired for hitting a student" fool a year before it really happened. Maybe I'm like an April Fool's Nostradamus!)

At JR's Car Wash I found 1 quarter, 16 pennies and a Candian quarter, which does not count toward the daily totals.

On This Day in the Change Race
I pulled a great April Fool's on Chris, which he totally bought. I told him that I found a roll of quarters near a bank machine. We argued for hours that night about whether the find should count or not, and he was adamant that it should not count. (Even though it never happened, I still disagree with him. It is a much more valid find than when he really did break into vaccum cleaners to take the change. But that is a WHOLE other story.) Read more in Day 48 Part 1 & Day 48 Part 2.

Total for the Day - $0.41
Total for the Race - $169.52

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